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Online and convenient expert tutoring for writing and English support

Specializing in 6-12th grade English Language Arts, Undergraduate and Graduate School applications and writing assignments

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(4) $420
(8) $800
  • 6-12th grade English Language Arts tutoring
  • 6-12th grade writing assignment support
  • University writing assignment support
  • College admissions essay support
  • (undergraduate & graduate level)
  • Resumes/CVs
  • Thesis and dissertation preparation

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Mrs. Eagle has a certain way of inspiring you to think differently about writing, focusing on unlocking a deeper level of thinking and understanding of a subject matter to allow thoughts to flow naturally into cohesive arguments and rhetoric. One of the greatest teachers I have ever had; truly grateful...

When Dr. Jessica Eagle started to work with me, my writing was weak, convoluted, and disorganized (on a good day). Worse? I would have sworn up-and-down that my writing could top the class. Dr. Eagle worked with me to condense, collate, and strengthen my thoughts. Her style of feedback not...

Having Ms. Eagle as a teacher in high school allowed me to grow my skills as a writer faster than other students my age. Being in an Early College setting, the expectations for success are higher than the average high schooler, and she taught me ways to excel as a...

One of the best instructors I have had! She was inspirational, knowledgeable, and empathetic when working with me when it came to writing for assignments, applying for colleges, and applying for my first job as a nurse.