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Testimonial by Chris Morgan, B.A.Ed.

When Dr. Jessica Eagle started to work with me, my writing was weak, convoluted, and disorganized (on a good day). Worse? I would have sworn up-and-down that my writing could top the class. Dr. Eagle worked with me to condense, collate, and strengthen my thoughts. Her style of feedback not only improved the current piece of writing, but empowered me to bring a better first draft the next time we’d sit down. 

More valuable, though, was that she took time to get to know me; she validated my feelings and allowed me to feel seen throughout the process. She encouraged me to re-frame writing as a powerful tool, and that was the best lesson I learned. I am not just a better technical writer because of time spend with Dr. Eagle, but my writing is more thoughtful, more creative, and more courageous because of her guidance and support. 

Now, I get to engage in creative writing for my job every day! And Dr. Eagle’s lessons are never far from the back of my mind. I am supremely grateful for my time learning from Dr. Eagle, and I strongly recommend her services to anyone hoping to be a better writer, communicator, or leader.

Chris Morgan, B.A.Ed.